Wealth Protection

Have you ever noticed how the average person’s financial wealth is like a game of snakes & ladders? Most people spend their lives making a little progress, only to slip backwards again before too long.

A little wealth is made. . .  then lost. . . made; then lost. . .

It is our experience that those people who are serious about creating wealth, take positive steps to protect that wealth. We are determined to make you aware that wealth protection goes hand in hand with wealth accumulation and we will offer you the best advice in this critical area of your financial affairs.

Using the right type of structures to own your wealth producing and wealth accumulating assets is critical. In most instances, Trusts or Self-Managed Superannuation Funds are recommended. These structures usually offer the greatest asset protection, tax flexibility and tax minimization.

In addition you will need the right insurance to protect these wealth accumulating assets.

Your Income

Income Protection Insurance

Your Assets

Public Liability Insurance

Your Property

Landlords Insurance

Your Debt

Life Insurance/Trauma Insurance
Total & Permanent Disability

Your Loved Ones

Life Insurance/Trauma Insurance
Total & Permanent Disability


So physios educating themselves about the potential risks inherent in both investing and running a business then seeking advice from their trusted advisors who know their profession are the ones planning their future and minimizing their risk.

Make sure you are a physiotherapist that both educates yourself and engages advisors who understand your profession, your risk minimisation and wealth protection requirements.