Wealth Management

Sensible Financial Planning is necessary if you want to enjoy a secure financial future - regardless of what you aim to achieve in life and how much money you earn.

Through Andrea Dawson, our Financial Advisor, you will not only find a person explaining the fee structure up front but someone who fully plans your wealth via strategic advice.

For many of our physio clients this means advising them of how direct property fits into their long term wealth accumulation and structuring their affairs so they can clearly see a long term plan that could include the premises that they work out of and other investment properties together with diversified investments and superannuation.

You will have a clear plan of where your wealth will accumulate to suit your investment preferences and risk profile. We assess this with you and your personal partner on a regular basis so you stay on track with your long term targets.

Part of the changes that are rocking the Financial Advisory profession are the opt-in, opt-out clauses. What this means is that as financial advisors we will need to offer each time our advice, thus, clearly stating what we are doing and charging for. Again Paris Financial is at the cutting edge of client focus and client communication here. Andrea will be happy to offer you some advice as a once off, a yearly basis, quarterly basis or on an ad hoc basis. Our main aim is to work with you, our physio client and offer you what will help reach your financial goals.